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Raven Symone Loves Cock!

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

raven symone sexy

Raven Symone has been fighting all these rumors about her being a lesbian. She wants everyone to no that she’s no rug-munching homosexual; and that she’s into penises and not vaginas. She even went online to dispel the rumors: “Even though I adore my gay and lesbian community… It’s false that I am dating a girl right now.”

raven symone  hottie

Raven Symone is friends with Lindsay Lohan, who has been in sexual relationships with women and likes to lick pussy. Her close association with Lindsey Lohan has led people to speculate that she,  like Lohan, is a dyke. Raven is best known for her role in The Cosby Show and her series of television movies that she did for Disney.  And she just wants to make it clear that she likes dick.

raven symone legs

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Sexy and nude pictures from Raven’s past revealed!

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Here are a couple of nude pictures of Raven Symone, back when she was still a slim and sexy teenager!  Now this is a scandal if ever there was one.  The Disney star has managed to keep her wholesome and kid-friendly image for the sake of her fans who are mostly children and teens – the usual Disney crowd.  Well, I guess she just had to break out of the mold created by Disney and release her inner sexuality!  This woman is sexy for me, even if at present she’s a bit overweight for her age.  But I also remember her from the days when she was slim and has a body that was just starting to fill out with curves.  Take a good look at these pictures and be enthralled with this beautiful young woman.  For more nude photos and videos, check out and browse through their collection of never before seen naughty stuff from Raven Symone!